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Your Vibe

The story of Your Vibe began at the turn of the century when a band called Sometimes Y I Am by Sometimes Y

"Flying against every trend of our fast diminishing decade."
- David Luhrssen
Milwaukee Magazine, 2009
channeled their musical expression into a tangible art form. Your Vibe is a contemporary jewelry brand created by graphic artist and songwriter Lora Nigro "My jewelry designer metamorphoses began from childhood, collecting indigenous amethyst in Wisconsin rock quarries and banded agates along Lake Superior, then witnessing the evolution of tumble polished rocks over a four-week cycle! As a graphic artist, journalist and songwriter, imagination is my most valuable asset." with co-producer and partner Kevin Rutkowski "It's in my blood! I disovered in 2002 when I met my birth father that we were both drawn to selling jewelry at the same age. Whether from the audience of a runway show or tent on Venice Beach, I get charged by the connections and responses provoked by our designs." . Your Vibe castings emerge from archetypes that give meaning to existence from ancient artifacts to revolutionary paradigms evolving human culture. The collections shaped by a strong masculine influence provide unique and distinguished fashion accessory options for a discerning male clientele. Composed of superior elements including sleek sterling silver components, Grecian leathers, Maori hand-carvings, genuine gem stones and Swarovski crystal. The modern minimalist attitude makes a fashion statement that is the ultimate in sophistication. Mostly, Your Vibe is about our customers who share a joy of connection, spirit of individuality, confidence of free thought and an elevated standard for craftsmanship and aesthetics.

Your Vibe, a contemporary jewelry brand

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